About ASE


Our ability brings insight and an edge. Impactful people who can change the outcome for you and your organisation.


We apply our expertise and experience to simplify complex challenges or opportunities to bring clarity to your decision making.


We balance determination to achieve goals with the agility to adapt and deliver the right solution for you.

ASE is a consultancy built on real-world insight by highly capable professionals. Formed in 1987 we have over 30 years experience of successful delivery to a range of public and private sector clients. From our origins in the North of England, we have grown to serve an international client base, with offices in London and Sydney. Today we are a key part the global Aprose business group with powerful aspirations for growth through the delivery of value to a loyal customer base.

Our Team

Robin O’Connor

Director of Digital Transformation

Mike Entwistle

Managing Consultant

David Newell

Executive Consultant

Edward Williams

Managing Consultant

Jahan Haroon

Principal Consultant

Gemserv and ASE

ASE has recently been acquired by Gemserv Ltd.

Gemserv is an expert provider of professional services enabling market transformation and data revolution. They are passionate about what they do and their experts are leaders in their respective fields and use insight and collaboration to make an impact through their projects and contracts that in turn defines who they are.

The merging of the businesses will allow our clients to benefit from access to Gemserv’s expertise and being part of a larger organisation will offer greater career development opportunities for our staff. We are excited for the possibilities this will avail for the future of the business and for our clients.

If you would like to find out more about Gemserv please click here.

Gemserv Logo

Our Ethos

We are proud to call ourselves a ‘modern company’ in every sense of the phrase.

We are companions, we respect each other and work for each other in support of our clients

We seek to work as a team with our clients

We are driven by success for our clients not by financial reward.

We encourage boldness of vision and foster creativity and innovation.

We adapt to and work with uncertainty in order to generate practical, workable solutions.

We are fiercely independent and proud of our reputation for integrity, impartiality and outstanding performance.

We take care of our clients and ourselves. We enjoy what we do.

We are proud of what we have built, what we achieve and its importance to society.

When we say that we will do something, we do it.