Why focusing on your customer’s experience will always inspire ways to improve

What does your customer think of you after an interaction? Customers today expect high standards for product quality, service performance, and price. And increasingly this applies to private and public organisations.

Providing a great customer experience delivers for you to:

  • Strengthen brand preference through differentiated experiences.
  • Incremental and repeat sales from existing customers, plus new sales through customer advocacy and referral.
  • Improve customer loyalty and stronger brand advocacy advocates through value received
  • Significantly lowering cost of sale by reducing customer churn.

The speed with which breaking news spreads online today is faster than news vendors can print newspapers. Consumers share information about their experiences on Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook , Twitter etc with such simplicity but with bigger consequences for organisations.

It’s hard to realise that only in the last 5 years have ordinary people been able to capture and share live video using a mobile phone. Today this content is prolific and a key aspect of the way customers influence one another.

Negative and positive news about brand experiences can be shared freely on social media and in real time. This has significant impact for nearly every businesses. In 2017 C2C (customer to customer communications) not only over took B2C (Business to Customer or Consumer) communications, but the volume of C2C traffic overtook all forms of broadcast media including television and radio.

Some businesses and organisations face the challenge of having harmonized customer facing culture or etiquette across multiple locations and departments. Many organisations do not understand their customer’s journey and how services are designed is not customer centric.

For companies the lack of customer centricity can have effects on revenue from different customer channels and touchpoints. For public organisations the lack of customer centricity leads to widespread criticism and complaints (even the NHS is not exempt), and this in turn makes working for these organisations unrewarding.

What experiences would you say your organisation offers? What would your customers like you to improve?


Our Approach

ASE consulting ltd specialises in system risk mapping and management for business and technological systems.

What we can do for you is to do the following:

  • Capture and understand your customer journey.
  • Re-design your business processes and services to be more customer centric at all customer touch points.
  • Work with you to develop and implement cross departmental policies that will improve overall experience for your customers
  • Listening to customers and helping them become your advocates.


The impact that this would have will be:

  • Strengthen your brand preference through differentiated experiences.
  • Increased  and repeated sales from existing customers and new sales from word of mouth.
  • Improved customer loyalty and creation of new advocates.
  • Lower costs by reducing customer churn.


What you can do next is to reach out to our service design team customerservices@ase.co.uk or call us on+44 (0)208 618 2246 and we can discuss the next steps.