Brexit is complex, uncertain and presents a system-wide opportunity for organisations like yours – there’s never been a better time to level up on your competition. Act now to be well positioned for when the fog lifts.

Brexit a wonderfully wicked combination of uncertainty and complexity which makes it very difficult to prepare for.

It impacts many different elements of how organisations work ranging from customs tariffs for imported and exported goods and services to retaining people with valuable skills

The impact of this uncertainty has manifested in different ways from people with key skills moving away from the UK to organisations delaying investment decisions

Individual decisions may impact supply chains in terms of tier 1 or 2 suppliers seeing investment into innovation and orders from key customers see a significant drop.    

ASE specialises in system risk mapping and management for business and technological systems.  We can

  • Map your business’s Brexit exposure in terms of operational processes, customer behaviours, supply chain risk, customs and tariffs and information services  
  • Provide you with a systemic roadmap that provides transparency on how these individual elements contribute to your overall Brexit Risk Rating and how you can plan to minimise this
  • Give you live scenario-based tactical plans which are updated based on the latest Brexit negotiation decisions.

The Impact that this would have

  • Clarity on how Brexit impacts you and what you can do about it now
  • A set of actions that link to Brexit scenarios which enable you to eradicate, avoid or at the very least minimise the impact of the risks being realised
  • An inside track on how risks hidden within the customer and suppliers spaces will impact you.

What you can do next is to reach out to our Brexit team or call us on+44 (0)208 618 2246 and we can discuss the next steps.