A Balanced Digital Approach for some cool Productivity wins

Productivity stems from good working habits, focus and a positive attitude across organisations.  Digital trends have disrupted all of these areas so here’s how to turn the tide.

Workplace productivity and output is an economic driver that has seen little improvement in the UK in the last decade. This is despite the fact that the last decade has also seen the greatest change in the way we work, often driven by the application of new technologies and digital solutions. Our expectation of digital is that it ]drives productivity improvement. But in many organisations, rapid and digital implementation of out of date or broken processes has led to disruption, rather than disruptive change, with little improvement in sight.

Taking time to think through how digital solutions can work most effectively, and how these solutions now shape us and our behaviours is key. For instance we now have access to digital evidence that can support every aspect of an argument. Fact and opinion are constantly at loggerheads, and evidence based decision making is no longer a simple act.

ASE Consulting specialises in helping organisations like yours to unravel the new complexities introduced by our digital world, to overcome this complexity and realise the value of new working practices. We work with your teams to:

  • Understand what factors underpin productivity and how productivity expectations and targets are set
  • Look at use of technology (both work and personal), skill, knowledge and confirm how achievable the target productivity gains are
  • Explore attitudes, behaviours and habits that relate to work and output creation
  • Define ways of leading, managing, doing and supporting that will propel teams towards realising productivity goals
  • Define the conditions that are needed to have a focused and positive work environment in which productivity can be improved
  • Provide training and support to ensure that productivity can be sustained.

Working with ASE on tackling productivity challenges will:

  • Give you insight and clarity on why productivity has been so elusive
  • Enable you to implement activities to improve productivity as a team through detailed action plans
  • Results in a better work environment for your team and better experience for your customers.

What you can do next is to reach out to our digital team customerservices@ase.co.uk or call us on+44 (0)208 618 2246 and we can discuss the next steps.