the advantage of independence.

Our clients greatly value our corporate independence. Like them, we believe this gives them a very distinct advantage in terms of objectivity. ASE’s independent structure allows us to create a natural environment for clearer, more objective thinking, devoid of conflicts of interest. This same independence allows us to take a step back from the brief to gain a better perspective of the task. From this inevitably comes a greater understanding of what challenges may lie ahead and how best to tackle them.

We believe our independence goes to the heart of our unique ability to deliver greater clarity and give our clients a deeper, more meaningful and complete insight of their project. As a consequence, our clients are convinced ASE’s Consultancy with Clarity translates into advice and actions with greater practical relevance because we can identify what really matters.

The Most Trusted of Roles

For us, independent thinking and clarity go hand in hand. They are synonymous and form the very cornerstone of a successful transformation project, be it Technology, Delivery, Commercial or Cyber Security & Resilience. You can see this most vividly in the way clients use ASE, asking us not only to give them sound, carefully considered advice but also to implement it for them as well. Consequently, we are frequently asked to work in trusted partner roles with multiple providers on very large projects.

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