Uganda – McNeil Medical Centre.

ASE Consulting Ltd continue to support the McNeil Medical Centre in the rural community of Ruhanga, South West Uganda, providing guidance and subsidising its operating costs to provide affordable healthcare to this remote community.

ASE Consulting commissioned the Medical Centre in 2013 and oversaw its build and its opening in January 2014. Working with our UK partner Uganda Lodge Community Projects we continue to support its operating costs in order to bring affordable healthcare to this impoverished community.

Making a Difference

In addition to the clinical care it provides, the Medical Centre offers health education as part of its community outreach programme and frequently hosts international medical electives. Through its recent partnership with the Medical Centre has extended its services to offer both in-house and outreach dental care.

We are particularly proud to announce that the Medical Centre has been granted permission, and has since commenced an immunisations and vaccinations campaign for the local population, protecting them from preventable diseases.


Terry Underwood

Terry Is a Senior Consultant who has worked for ASE Consulting for 11 years. Specialising in Requirements Engineering and Solutions Architecture he has recently been engaged on the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s Smart Metering Programme. Terry leads ASE Consulting’s Corporate Social Responsibility function.