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Private Sector

The demands of private sector organisations are no less than their public counterparts and ASE’s private client base is wide and varied, with clients as diverse as Airwave, Aquila, Atos, CSC, Noonan, Serco and SJB. Over the past 30 years ASE has developed a range of unique in-house skills and disciplines to enable our teams to identify the hidden causes to many of the common issues often experienced by successful organisations in the private sector.

ASE has provided capabilities such as;

  • Business Case Development, Commercial, Financial and Procurement services for Airwave;
  • Commercial, Delivery Acceptance, Implementation and Programme Management for Aquila;
  • Advisors to CO, Bid Support, C. Suite Advice, Procurement Advice, Project Review, Red Team Review and Sales Strategy for Atos;
  • Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, ERP Implementation, Procurement, Programme Delivery and Strategy for Noonan across Ireland;
  • Business and IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy for Serco;
  • Benefits Realisation and Change Management for CSC;
  • Programme Reviews for SJB;
  • Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Migration, Enterprise Architecture, Process Development, Programme Delivery and Security Management for a 24hr global business information services company.

All these organisations chose ASE over larger and perhaps better known firms because of the outstanding teams of people we can offer and their impressive ability to cross reference a seemingly limitless supply of invaluable experience and resources.

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