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The Financial and Banking sectors are unique in their integrated global structures and operating models. Consequently, one size will never fit all for organisations operating in this intensely IT dependent industry. ASE Consulting has provided bespoke solutions for clients such as Amlin Insurance, Lloyds TSB and Tandem Bank to name but a few. The challenges these successful organisations face on a daily basis are immense and ASE has delivered a wide range of different capabilities to help them, including;
Cyber Essentials, Implementation of Customer Relationship Management Systems, ISO 27001 Compliance, Security Assessment, Security Structuring and Technical Architecture at an in depth level.

ASE’s other clients include a wide range of private sector organisations, as well as many major central government departments and local delivery organisations. Whilst we offer an integrated multi-disciplinary offering, our engagements typically centre around an IT enabled change agenda, which is why Financial and Banking Institutions often approach us for help.

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