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UK Construction is expected to return to its pre-recession level following a a surge in major road, rail and energy infrastructure projects. Construction clients such as Balfour Beatty chose ASE Consulting as their preferred consultancy partner because of our excellent understanding of this complex sector and the very special capabilities it requires.

ASE has been responsible for a number of important IT-enabled business change initiatives at Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions (BBUS) to provide significant improvements to the essential systems used in support of major utility infrastructure clients such as National Grid, Thames Water and United Utilities.

ASE provided a wealth of invaluable capabilities including; Distribution Analysis, IT Enabled Change, Operational Analysis, Programme Management, Project Delivery and Technical Architecture to achieve all of the the above and significantly enhanced integration across an estate with a mix of new and end of life systems.

ASE Consulting has successfully met the unique needs of the Construction Industry, not only in terms of their specific projects and impact but also in terms of their impact on our clients’ broader business strategy and initiatives.

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