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ASE has worked extensively in the international aviation arena, providing a wide range of integrated capabilities for organisations as diverse as British Airways and VivaAerobus. The industry’s phenomenal demand-led growth brings with it a set of unparalleled challenges across Financial, Service, Operational and IT disciplines. ASE’s wealth of experience in this specialist industry has led to the development of a unique set of home-grown capabilities geared to diagnosis and solution, such as;

Benefits Realisation, Business Change, IT Enabled Change, IT Strategy, Operational Analysis, Programme Delivery, Programme Architecture, Systems Review and Technology for VivaAerobus and VivaColumbia to support their growth objectives in South America

Commercial, Customer Management, Full Programme Review, Performance Management, Planning and Resourcing, Procurement, Re-planning and Budgeting, Risk Assessment, Solution Delivery, Stakeholder Management, Technical and User Acceptance Testing for British Airways Top Priority Travel Programme

Build Testing, Business Transformation, Change Management, Culture Change, Enterprise Architecture, Financial Function Diagnostics, Management Control, Operational Performance, Performance Improvement, Programme Delivery, Programme Design, Programme Management, Quality Assurance, Technical and Systems Review to deliver significant operational and organisational benefits for Monarch Airlines

Business Process Definition, Business Transformation, Coaching and Training, Communication, Design Authority, Digital Value Add, IT Enabled Change, System Testing for KLM.

ASE Consulting has worked hard to ensure that the unique needs of our Aviation clients are fully understood and met, not only in terms of their specific project impact but also in the context of their overall impact on their business and industry as a whole.

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