ASE – the smart choice.

ASE has been instrumental in establishing the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) – responsible for the rollout of smart gas and electricity meters to all domestic and small business premises in Great Britain. SMIP is also responsible for arranging the provision of the supporting data and network infrastructure required by energy suppliers and others to access devices installed in consumer premises nationwide. All of these requirements need to be achieved in a safe, secure and affordable manner within tight time constraints.

Vote of Confidence

Initiated by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), SMIP is unusual because responsibility for implementation and roll-out lies with the energy industry rather than with DECC.  SMIP is a large, complex and long term programme.

Consequently, ASE has worked with and been supported by many other individuals and teams from both within and outside the SMIP programme. Our trademark collaborative approach has proved invaluable, enabling an enormous amount to be achieved in a relatively short time.

ASE’s contribution has been pivotal in the SMIP programme achieving a number of outcomes that are critical to its success and therefore the roll out of smart metering. These include an end to end technical solution, robust security regime, identification of all roles and responsibilities, ensuring all functionality requirements are met, service provider appointment and securing credibility with all stakeholders.

With results like these, all achieved under intense public scrutiny, it is clear why DECC value their relationship with ASE and continue to work closely with them.

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