BREXIT – Mastering the challenge.

ASE Consulting announce a powerful offering designed to help firms identify the challenges and explore the opportunities in the turbulent period ahead.

Following last year’s referendum result, under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the UK will be exiting the EU in around 300 days. Is your organisation prepared for the risks, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

We have developed a specialist Brexit offering to help clients not just manage, but also master the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Every business will be impacted, whether it trades with the EU, employs EU citizens, has a compliance regime grounded in Brussels’ regulations, or even if its employees simply need to travel.

In many cases, the impacts may seem relatively small; however, for some individuals and organisations the changes ahead will be wide-ranging and profound – spanning systems, processes, regulations and organisational structure.

ASE has a comprehensive solution and method-set, which is powered by policy input from expert business partners. It is anchored by the deployment of a strong programme management office and change management method-set.

Our approach is modular and scalable to the challenges ahead, so our clients can be confident in their ability to emerge victorious from one of the most monumental business transitions of the new century.

We support organisations to effectively, robustly and crucially profitable manage the changes ahead that BREXIT will bring.


Contact: Robin O’Connor – Director