navigating through the big data space.

Big Data projects are increasingly becoming a reality for many organisations. Whilst supporting technologies are still arguably in their infancy, they continue to evolve at a significant and exciting rate, leaving organisations facing a myriad of complex choices.

With all this available technology comes an expectation upon organisations to do more with their data assets. Organisations can find themselves embarking on Big Data projects without fully understanding why they are doing so, what they intend to get from it or which technology is right for their needs.

This paper provides background and context to the subject of Big Data, exploring some of the key technologies that have evolved for the purpose of storage, processing and analytics. The second part of the paper takes this further, providing practical steps to support organisations considering embarking on a Big Data journey. It presents a recommended approach that brings together business opportunities, information architecture, technology adoption, senior management buy-in and business change.

It is aimed at technologists and business leaders looking to get ahead by developing a Big Data analytics capability.

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Chris King

Chris King is a Principal Consultant at ASE Consulting. The early days of his career focused upon the design, development and administration of large-scale RDBMS systems. He has since worked across multiple sectors within the domains of Enterprise Architecture, Business and Systems Analysis, ICT Strategy, Solution/Technical Architecture design and assurance. Through this period he has continued to maintain a focused interest upon the fast moving world of data related technologies and their applications in the real world.