agile and enterprise architecture.

The IT industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate, looking for innovative ways of transforming businesses with better outcomes and shorter timeframes. But often, different initiatives are not immediately compatible with each other because they are often pursued individually to address different problems and concerns. However, the need for alignment emerges as organisations see benefits of more than one individual approach.

This paper considers two key initiatives, namely Agile Development and Enterprise Architecture, and illuminates some key executive and management considerations when organisations want the two to work together effectively. This whitepaper is based on our experience in a variety of delivery programmes across several industry sectors.

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Ed Williams

Ed Williams is a Managing Consultant at ASE Consulting. He has more than 20 years experience in Information Technology and Security covering a wide range of industry sectors in both the private and public sector. Ed has been instrumental in delivering a number of high profile consulting projects. He also leads the ASE Technology Practice and has a passion for delivery, focused architecture and high performance teams.