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“ASE – A Fascinating Group of Individual Individuals!”

There is no other consultancy quite like ASE Consulting. We look after each other and shun the internal politics that plague other companies. We share both our successes and challenges, and relish working together to overcome the seemingly impossible tasks clients put before us. Time and again we’re chosen because of the very distinctive approach only we can bring. So what does that mean for you? Quite literally – everything! ASE has more of what you’re really looking for.

Exciting Career Opportunities at ASE

ASE Consulting is in more demand than ever. So we are now looking to recruit exceptional consultants wide-ranging skills and the experience to match who have worked in any of our key disciplines: Technology, Delivery, Commercial, Cyber Security & Resilience. Professionals like Elmas Kahraman and Jahan Haroon who have recently joined us:

“After a few years working in a large consultancy organisation, I felt ready to take on a new challenge. I was looking for an organisation that had all the best bits of large consultancies without so many of the ‘necessary evils’.  I was introduced to ASE through a friend who had been working here for a number of years and for someone in his position, he looked relaxed, happy and healthy (unlike his contemporaries at the organisations that I’d been considering). From conversations with the people within ASE it soon became clear that the firm punches above it’s weight and maintains a focus on family, flexibility and entrepreneurship. The way that ASE conducts its business focuses on smart working and achieving excellence as a team.  It can be a bit of a culture shock for those used to working in large consultancies because there’s no office to report to if you’re not on client site, no balanced scorecard or end of year scoring rounds and no forced sales targets. Personally, I find it works brilliantly and I think you will too!” – Jahan Haroon

“ASE Consulting caught my eye as one of the boutique consulting organisations with an impressive client base and a team of down to earth consultants. After every interaction with ASE, it became clear that the team is a group of genuine, honest and exceptionally intelligent people with a clear goal in mind: helping the client. I would describe ASE as a ‘family’ with a focus on flexibility and team achievement. There are no unnecessary admin tasks and we’re all equal in the organisation, which is refreshing for a consultancy firm.” – Elmas Kahraman

Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For

ASE’s roles are both challenging and stimulating, and particularly suited to those who are looking to make their second or third career move in high quality, delivery-driven consultancy. If you have what it takes and want to take your career to an exciting new level, then we are exactly what you’ve been searching for.
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