big enough for you.

Welcome to ASE

There is no other consultancy quite like ASE Consulting. We’re small, independent and highly versatile. Our structure keeps us flexible and makes us more agile than our competitors. Our reputation for innovation, delivery, integrity and success is second to none. We’re part of the international Aprose Group, which gives us access to a wealth of additional resources and expertise.

Outstanding Transformation – IT Enabled Change is what we do best. Our highly experienced teams have a wealth of knowledge, together with a clear, positive and collaborative mentality that always puts our clients’ interest first. The breadth and depth of ours teams’ skills mean they are literally “hands on” – leading and taking responsibility in ways others are simply unable, or unwilling to do. We believe advice is useless if you cannot act on it and this practical mind-set explains why so many blue chip and high profile public sector organisations choose ASE.

Small Enough to Care

ASE takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. It’s not enough to give money to charities and walk away. They need more and if you really want to make a difference, we believe you have to roll up your shirtsleeves and actively get involved.

Over the past 30 years ASE has actively supported both financially and with practical advice to charities and not for profit organisations including the Monmouth Enterprise Initiative, McNeil Medical Centre in Ruhanga, SW Uganda, Tiny Toones in Cambodia, School and Water projects in Kenya, Computeraid International and various UK cancer charities, including McMillan Cancer Research, Teenage Cancer Trust and Marie Curie. We believe we have a lot to offer and it is our corporate duty to play our part where we can. Read More