Turnaround SOS

Is your transformation initiative in difficulty? Most projects in need of turnaround usually send out clear SOS signals such as:

  • Failing to make measurable progress
  • Running over budget
  • Feeling paralysed by poor supplier and commercial relationships
  • Lacking in stakeholder involvement or delivery confidence.

The good news is we can recover most initiatives. Our teams have the insight, expertise and drive to take on seemingly impossible tasks. ASE’s turnaround service includes critical problem identification and recovery for distressed programmes and projects. We combine best-of-breed tools with pragmatism and experience to address the root causes of your challenges. The outcome results in your team’s refocus and successfully delivery of your initiative.

Why Choose ASE?

  • Extensive experience: Whatever your challenges, the chances are we have seen them before and know exactly how to address them. ASE’s extensive experience is coupled with our unique assurance process
  • Damage limitation: We focus on halting your losses, eliminating key issues and minimising risk exposure through critical damage limitation
  • Unique Approach: We adopt a methodical, quantitative and evidence-based approach that delivers tangible clarity to allow effective decision-making, diffusing stress and conflict through focus on information gathering and solutions rather than blame
  • Expertise leverage: We can utilise ASE’s multi-disciplined technical and commercial expertise to help quickly identify and explore the most viable options for each turnaround scenario
  • Sense & sensibility: We recognise the negative impact distressed initiatives can have upon your workforce. Winning their hearts and minds is a critical part of our turnaround process. Our people have the sensitivity and listening skills needed to navigate carefully to reach the best solution. We can also deliver the right balance of leadership and collaboration to galvanise the whole team for an effective turnaround
  • We get results: We create prioritised “go-to-green” turnaround plans that will generate results fast and ensure successful delivery
  • Stakeholder specialists: We understand the importance of stakeholders. We know how to engage and motivate them to realise the necessary buy-in for vital remedial measures
  • Clearer thinking – better solutions: We offer a fully customised service that is tailored specifically to your organisation’s specific needs and timeframes.

ASE has three decades of experience turning around some of the world’s largest transformation initiatives. Strong leadership and innovation are essential, supported by outstanding capabilities and knowledge across business, technology and commercial perspectives.