P3M-Portfolio Programme & Project Management

ASE Delivery Capability is far reaching bringing the value of your IT and business together. We engage at any or all stages of your delivery lifecycle and at all levels of change. This includes leading, advising, setting up and delivering Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and PMOs. We integrate seamlessly with your organisation and providing tangible value-add to achieve your required outcomes.

Our P3M Services Include:

  • Strategy, Vision and Governance
  • Delivery, Planning, Risk and Financial Control
  • Initiative Benchmarking & Delivery Improvement.

Why Choose ASE?

We have the experience: After 30 years working for organisations like yours we have developed a unique clarity-driven approach. This allows us to quickly and successfully define and deliver strategically aligned, viable portfolios of work. In turn this will optimise your return on investment, while striking the right balance between your business operations and necessary business improvements you need to make to achieve your objectives.

  • Methodology-flexible: ASE’s Delivery Toolkit provides you with the processes required to accelerate your delivery transformation.
  • Innovative through Clarity: our thinking challenges your norm, often revealing unseen advantages and opportunities for your organisation.
  • Knowledge sharing and skills transfer: We take pride in building your capability ensuring your team improves its effectiveness.
  • Stakeholder-focused: It is not enough to simply identify stakeholders. Our approach ensures stakeholders are understood in depth, engaged and supported at all levels. Our clarity-driven approach will help you develop and communicate effectively to all the stakeholders, so that they are fully on board.
  • Prioritising the right changes : how you start determines the success of your outcome. Through pragmatic and manageable stages of change we help organisations transition quicker to future operating models. We support process transformation, which ensures tight integration to each required change.
  • Independent assurance: we provide the means to benchmark, track and target improvements to change processes. This gives increased confidence to deliver your transformation agenda.

ASE Consulting has three decades of experience in Business Transformation for some of the largest programmes in the world, from initial concept through to full deployment.